Realm of Battle boards | Coming along nicely

Bristle brushes are noisy!
Sat in the shed this morning doing endless circular motions with a bristle brush (sorry neighbours). As I was not sure how effective the WD40 would be I only sprayed 3 boards to begin with and concentrated on cleaning up the two flattest. If nothing else the WD40 turned the snow blue and gluey, which means you do have to remove it, it looks rubbish. They look SO much better already!

On the last 3 I'm going with stiff bristle brush first, and maybe just that on it's own. I never fixed the snow in place so a LOT comes off really easily, and you get a patchy and realistic effect that's pretty well bonded to the board, and if I get paint onto those areas they just look like textured ground anyway.

Now that I've had a brew and a think I'm going for the repaint option, I've the 6 boards you can see below, plus the crashed Thunderhawk board from Forge World, it'll be to tricky to match across the lot so time to head over to B&Q and get them to make me a pot each of The Fang, Baneblade Brown and Mechanicus Standard Grey. Alos, the boards are way bluer than I'd like, clearly designed to have more snow on them than I am going to end up with so I'dd add in some random greys, browns, greens to stop it looking so unnatural.