The Dettol Experience

After attending the Games Workshop Vindicator masterclass (see previous post) I decided to continue the "treat this as a canvas to learn new stuff" approach, and clean up the Vindicator and try again. While I was fairly happy with the result, it was a bit heavy handed and lacked a bit of detail, great for my Bad Moonz, not so good for marines.

I'd heard people mention the Dettol would strip the paint off without damaging the plastic, so a quick trawl of the net and here we go...

A couple of things to mention;
1. Don't forget to dilute 50/50, I didn't so the dozer blade cost be £3.30 to strip.
2. Wear gloves, do this preferably outside, the fumes are intense.
3. Use a sealed container, I used a 2 inch deep plastic tray and it stank the garage out!

After 48 hours, with the dozer sitting in the slightly diluted Dettol, a quick hit with a toothbrush and hey presto...

The staining is from the black undercoat, but the detail is all there, and it's cleaned up pretty well. I'll post soon on how it resprays but so far so good

cc out


  1. Try superdrug own brand acetone free nail polish remover (the blue one). I've tried it on metal, plastic and resin so far with no ill effects. just pop it in for about a minute and scrub off. Amazing stuff.

    Usual caveat about testing on something unimportant first.

    Are you planning on going to any more masterclasses?

  2. @Creidhnan
    Thanks for the tip, the idea of only having to wait a minute for a result sounds like the way forward to me! You tried it on Finecast perchance? I bought Huron to enter in the local GW comp months back and rushed it. Never entered him and he's sat glaring at me to be repainted and/or sold on.

    Tempted to go to the Hive Tyrant one, it's out of my comfort zone, but I've ordered Sedition Wars, so painting gribblies will come in handy. I also love the 'classes as I get to paint for a solid day, something I'm not able to do more than once or twice a year otherwise.

  3. The only resin I've tried was a forgeworld waveserpent turret, but that came out fine.

    I'm contemplating the tyrant one too, the vindicator was really helpful, but didn't really cover infantry/organics, so...

    Sedition wars? Will have to look it up. Is it fun?

    1. Sedition Wars looks like it'll be amazing, fantastic sculpts, gameplay looks fast and exciting, but it's mainly the mins for me. I have a few from Studio McVey already and they really are the business. Far better than my painting ability which is why I (a) go to painting workshops and (b) why they are still in baggies!

      Still undecided about the Hive Tyrant Masterclass, never painted 'nids, not got around to my Space Hulk ones yet, it'll come down to funds in the end I'm sure!

      Check out what you get in the box for Sedition Wars here, approx 100 mins, so that's about a quid a pop - wow!!


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