Redemptor dread | Highlights done and transfers on

The black exhaust covers really made the back of this fella pop, so much happier with how it looks now.

Not as happy with the shoulders, those transfers are just too big. Given how taciturn these guys are, having their chapter badge viewable from space isn't sitting well with me. Hopefully I can get the weathering done on Sunday night and that might calm it down a little. Worst case scenario, these are coming off and I'll leave them plain.

Apologies for the reflections on some of the photos, those transfers are getting the first of many, many, many layers of ardcoat varnish, this will hide the edges of the transfer and make it look painted on - supposedly. After weathering it'll get a coat of matt varnish to bring it all together.

Fave transfer?, the little one on the power fist. Nice!

Speaking of plain, that's how I'm leaving the sarcophogus, again I don't feel the Carcharodons would name who was interred, had I my time over again, I'd have dremelled the detail off there and left it blank as per the images in the Badab War FW book. As 95% of the time the "doors" will be closed, you don't see it anyway. Gone are the days when I worried about such stuff. Get 'em built, get 'em painted and get a game in...