Friday, 18 January 2013

Goodbye Games Workshop

I guess that it was inevitable, but after another year of playing under 5 games, painting a couple of vehicles and a squad or two I've decided to offload my collection(s). Games Workshop just doesn't work for me anymore.

My question to you, the great and the good is how to get rid? I want to maximise my profit and minimise the stress. Ideally, someone local walks in, hands over the cash and takes away a carload of pretty damn good mins.

If not, there's the eBay route, and this looks the most likely as I have successfully traded on there for a good few years, buying and selling.

If I do choose this method any thoughts on best option? I good drop this on by army as a bulk lot, but even at 50% off MRSP we are talking hundreds and hundreds of £££'s

The alternative is to sell by unit/vehicle but the admin involved is quite off putting. Especially if I end up selling to LOTs of individuals worldwide.

I suppose before anyone can offer any advice, it would help if you had a rough idea what was on offer!

First up is a Black Templar army, including 9 drop pods! 3 Forgeworld drop pods, 3 vindi's, 2 x landspeeders, 30-40 tac marines, various heroes; Helbrecht, Emp champ, terminator chaplain. Lots of very neat models. All well painted, very good tabletop quality and the majority on resin bases.

Packaged in the large Battlefoam case, this is a top quality, great looking army, but we all know the rules haven't been kind to this particular Chapter and the time has come for me to hold up my hands and let these guys go.

Orks - yikes! A LOT of troops, couple of really battledamaged wagons, couple of FW items, Mega dread, half trakk. I'm really please with the stormboyz, these are on resin bases, mainly because they look great and add some heft to the plastic, they also add 3-5mm in height but what the hell they just look so cool.

Grey knights. Not much a dreadknight that didn't sell last time, and a squad of termies (paladins I think)

Various Forge World bits and pieces; Characters, Buzzgob, Templar termies with those fab shields, BT doors for rhinos that sort of thing. Transfer sets for Carcharodons, and Templars.

Rulebooks and such will probably go up separately, a raft of Imp Armour books and the last Painting guide.

So I'd really appreciate any feedback, or even better if you're in the market for Marines (preferably BT) or bad moon orks let me know and I'll see if we can't come to some mutually beneficial arrangement. If there's enough interest, I'll get decent photos on here next week.

That's not my templar image, grabbed from very nice though!

cc out.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

That's not a moon...

Turns out the wife's sister is a creative little so and so. 5 hours work and Kez proves no slouch for the dark side... happy hallowe'en one and all and may the force be with you...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dreadball - looking VERY good

Outside the GW bubble there's a whole world of exciting new games, this one in particular has really piqued my interest. The miniatures look fantastic, the gameplay is classic Jake Thornton; easy to learn hard to master, and the raft of exclusives already available in the Kickstarter campaign are mouthwatering. This still has 2 and half weeks to run and I expect it to reach 800K plus.

Best of all you'll be getting season 1 in December, so how about finding this under the tree on Christmas day?

The mins alone are worth the $150 pledge, but you can also jump on board for $30 and get the rules as a pdf download and a team of your choosing. That's one sweet deal. Below are some of the unlocked mins already included in the Striker set... except the Goalie, he's an additional cost but the Goalie bundle gets you 4 diff models for $15, that's £2.35 each in real money ;p

check out the full details at

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dark Vengeance - Limited edition

Ordered the limited edition version this am for my 5 year old as his main Christmas pressie, will attempt to get some knda WIP on these figures as the plan is to get these completed for xmas eve. All mins will be predominantly black; fine for chaos, not sure about the DA. Do they have a successor chapter that's black? Any advice appreciated.

In the meantime, head over to GW and check out the 360° shots, some great sculpts in there, and looking forward to painting up the Helbrute in particular.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My oh my!

Yup count me in for one of these! Fully articulated, massive titan. The resin version caught my eye a few months back but at $375 plus shipping to the UK it was out of my 'nice to have' price range. Even if you're not up for purchasing one, or three or four, it's worth checking out. Head over to either Mark's page or the one on kickstarter. I mean $90 how can you not? Check out the vid on his blogspot, just to see the size of that beast!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Dettol Experience

After attending the Games Workshop Vindicator masterclass (see previous post) I decided to continue the "treat this as a canvas to learn new stuff" approach, and clean up the Vindicator and try again. While I was fairly happy with the result, it was a bit heavy handed and lacked a bit of detail, great for my Bad Moonz, not so good for marines.

I'd heard people mention the Dettol would strip the paint off without damaging the plastic, so a quick trawl of the net and here we go...

A couple of things to mention;
1. Don't forget to dilute 50/50, I didn't so the dozer blade cost be £3.30 to strip.
2. Wear gloves, do this preferably outside, the fumes are intense.
3. Use a sealed container, I used a 2 inch deep plastic tray and it stank the garage out!

After 48 hours, with the dozer sitting in the slightly diluted Dettol, a quick hit with a toothbrush and hey presto...

The staining is from the black undercoat, but the detail is all there, and it's cleaned up pretty well. I'll post soon on how it resprays but so far so good

cc out

Monday, 6 August 2012

Accept the challenge, no matter the odds - vindicator masterclass review

Just back from a great day over in Nottingham for the latest of GW's Materclasses. As before (this was my third) Phil and Mark were more than up for a day of tutoring and sharing the tank painting love.

A couple of days ago I received an email asking me what colour I wanted my Vindicator basecoated in. As a exceptionally bad Templar player, I nearly choose another chapter to paint, yup the Carcharodons, but as I have a garage full of part painted Templars already, the opportunity to learn how to get the best out of black tanks and marines was too much. Plus, I intend to add a fair bit of black to the Carcharodons if I ever get around to painting them.

So lets break it down for those who've never been.

Venue: The Moot. Over the car park from the main Games Workshop building, well equipped, well lit, loos and brews. 10/10

Set-up: Max of four to a table, each with a paint station, 14 paints, pva glue, plaster of Paris, thinners, brushes, apron, weathering powders, daylight bulb lamp. 9.9/10*

*one of the seats faced me, meaning the gentleman in question was facing away from the tutors, not ideal. He wasn't the only one though and no-one complained so that might just be my preference. Had that been an issue, Dan and Adam would've sorted out a better view I'm sure.

Programme: 09:30 for a 10:00 start, everyone arrived promptly so we started ahead of schedule.
The day hadn't got a specific agenda but the general overview was decals, basecoat, adding interest, chipping, sponging, shading/highlighting, weathering. Now none of this is groundbreaking to me, but two things happen in this kind of environment; first the two tutors Mark and Phil are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that you learn something new, guaranteed. Secondly, the attendees are all after something a little different, so I shared a table with 2 x White Scars and a Carcharodon. Other tables had Blood Angels, Salamanders, Astral Claws, Ultramarines, no other Templars though?

Decals: The tank is built, basecoated and given a couple of coats of purity seal, Mark apologised that the exhausts hadn't been drilled out, I can live with that. You could use the transfer set that comes with the box, or interestingly some of the Forge World sheets (that might have swung it for the carcharodons had I known beforehand). In the past I have just added a single transfer as "I know" how to do transfers. This time I threw on a few more, lots of explaining about the wetness vs glue, getting decals to go where you want them too. Adding a bit of damage to these using something blunt to scrape away certain tiny areas, a hit of arcoat to knock them into the background and the jobs a good 'un. 10/10

Adding interest: No airbrushes here, maybe one day who knows. That leave large areas of flat panels to add interest to. Lighter tanks had the basecoat with some additional colour mixed in, this is sponged on to leave a very subtle texture making the tank more real. Great to see this effect on such a range of colours, explanation on which colours work and why. As for mine, a black tank is already as dark as it can be so Mark suggested I added a smidge of blue to the mix to give a hardly noticeable touch. Phil believes quite strongly that dark tanks have interest added with weathering and detail painting, and after seeing his Red Scorpions up close and personal I couldn't agree more. By now, there were a number of tanks beginning to pop and this is less than half way through. 10/10

Chipping: Yup, bits of sponge, with the basecoat brought back in, touching onto the decals to really push them back into the tank. What I learned here is the lightness of touch is key, Mark and Phil were going over and over a tiny area to get that subtle build up. Treating the Vindicator as a canvas I stayed with working on just one side, in previous Masterclasses I have tried to finish the model and it tends to rely on speed or not paying attention to the guys, neither of which was going to work for me. I was heavy handed on all the effects, partly because I'm learning this as I go and partly because I've spent a lot of time painting Orks and those boyz have a tendency to create a slap dash approach. 10/10

Shading/highlighting: Tau Light Ochre and Steel Legion Drab mixed 50/50, a good dollop of Lahmian Medium are 3 pots I shall be buying more of. This gives you the sandy, earthy tones you see on Phil's Red Scorpions. This really popped the Vindicator and it went from being flat to having real definition and presence. Paul and his White Scar tank didn't fare so well, yellow on white just didn't work, but that's exactly what the day was about. Finding out what worked, what didn't. Pushing your ability, comfort zone whatever. For example, the other side of his tank with a Rhinox Hide/Black mix looked amazing, bags of interest and detail. Probably my favourite technique and one soon to appear on 9 x drop pods and several Land raiders and Rhinos ;p 10/10

Lunch: A man's gotta eat right? A much reduced option for lunch, previously you picked whatever you fancied off the Bugman's Menu, this time a choice of 3, one veggie. Spuds and veggies on the tables to share, and a drink thrown in. If I'm honest I'm here to paint not to eat (and boy can I eat), it filled a gap and was pleasant enough. And it gave me 20 mins to check out the mins and purchase the new Masterclass book. 7/10

Weathering: A more relaxed pace after lunch, I haven't mentioned that while Phil is demonstrating a technique, Mark works the room and vice versa, lots of one-to-one time, as much as you need. A lot of the information is generic so what works for White Scars will work for Templars, just different colours so earwigging is also well worth it. Lots of time spent on weathering, 3 different ways of applying powders dry, wet and mixed with pva/plaster of paris for a real grungy look. Dry mud, wet mud, dust trapped in nooks and crannies all sorted. I forgot (again!) not to overwork the powders and as you can see from the photos, the back of the tank originally had lovely clumpy multicoloured muddy build up, but I dragged a brush over it and flattened the lot - d'oh! I also collared Mark about snow in the tracks, and he explained (a) that he didn't like doing it and (b) how he did it, Deluxe Materials Shovelled Snow poked in with a cocktail stick, gloss warnish and a tiny drop of sepia ink for the slushy stuff. 10/10

That's all folks: Mark and Phil spent the day showing off fantastic techniques, their wonderful models and imparting valuable knowledge. Adam and Dan made sure we all had what we needed including what appeared to be an endless tray of tea, coffee and biscuits. Looking at what I produced I think I am the least happy with the result compared to previous classes, on the plus side I got it. I understand how to create these effects. Looking at Phil's Red Scorpions, I can see that my technique is exactly the same as his, it's just not as clean, not as subtle, not as polished - but it's there.

Value for money: With all those 10/10's I'm hardly going to complain, but look at how the £115 ticket breaks down. I know, I know you can buy a Vindicator from elsewhere for less, but looking at the actual costs from GW;

Vindicator £35.00
14 paints £32.20
4 brushes £12.00
4 weathering powders £11.80
Lunch: £6.00
Total: £97.00

Was it worth it? Hell yes.

On one final note/quote, as Mark pointed out (and Phil on numerous occasions) "you can always hit the Chaos Black respray button". If the weathering is too heavy wash it off, highlight too strong, put the basecoat back on, and if like me you're not 100% happy with how this turned out, get the Dettol, strip it down and start again. But that's a whole other post...