Redemptor Dread | Weathering Part I

Running orks I have a terrible habit of really going to town on weathering, to be honest you can't go wrong on orks; rusty, grimy, weather beaten, grungy, it's all good. Space marines - not so good...

Some of you might remember my Carcharodon Contemptor from way back, he was rusted to hell and then some. I'm working on the theory that on extended campaigns, Carcharodons don't have the luxury of refitting and polishing their armour however revered they might be. This guy was on a toxic planet, disrupting the local militia with hit and run attacks and he'll get cleaned up when the jobs done. While I had the transfers out for the redemptor, he had one added to the left shoulder and right knee, a few dabs of abbadon black on a sponge later to knock them back and he's ready for the matt varnish.

Next up, the mighty redemptor, I still need to go back in and add more chips and dings with a brush, but he's so close to being done, and I'm pleased with the, for me, subtle weathering. His base turned out crap, but I managed to lever him off without any damage using the original GW metal sculpting tool (it does have a use), and he'll be back on there once that's sorted.

Finally, I dug up my Relic Contemptor dread, and he had the transfer treatment, a little clean up and I found a half decent base to slap him on. It's a little 20th century, but I bought it, it's getting used! I wanted him in repose, originally like he was either on watch, looks too relaxed for the that, or better yet, heaving a breather after ripping the enemy a new one, so once he's had the weathering added, a pin into his foot to keep him on the base, I'll break out Blood for the Blood God technical paint (another first for me) and flick that across him and see how that works out... last shot, all three in one go, fancy facing off against this triumvirate?


  1. Looking good! New Primaris Dread looks so chunky compared to the old Redemtors!


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