Primaris Black Templars – so close to done...

I've never got so many painted so fast, well, fast for me. Guess these took about 2 weeks, so 3 – 4 nights a week, 2-3 hours a night. 24 hours to get this far. 

Another night of finessing to tidy up the eyes and any overspill, quick drybrush and edge the bases, and I should be sorted. Liking the fast paint job. Bleached bone instead of white, dark reaper drybrush over black, with a nuln oil (gloss) over the top. This should all flatten down nicely with a coat of satin, and I think I'll revisit my existing Templars and give them the same treatment (one day). I've another another batch of Primaris to paint as Charcharodons, looking forward to finding an equally fast way to paint those which should keep me busy through July.