Goodbye Games Workshop

I guess that it was inevitable, but after another year of playing under 5 games, painting a couple of vehicles and a squad or two I've decided to offload my collection(s). Games Workshop just doesn't work for me anymore.

My question to you, the great and the good is how to get rid? I want to maximise my profit and minimise the stress. Ideally, someone local walks in, hands over the cash and takes away a carload of pretty damn good mins.

If not, there's the eBay route, and this looks the most likely as I have successfully traded on there for a good few years, buying and selling.

If I do choose this method any thoughts on best option? I good drop this on by army as a bulk lot, but even at 50% off MRSP we are talking hundreds and hundreds of £££'s

The alternative is to sell by unit/vehicle but the admin involved is quite off putting. Especially if I end up selling to LOTs of individuals worldwide.

I suppose before anyone can offer any advice, it would help if you had a rough idea what was on offer!

First up is a Black Templar army, including 9 drop pods! 3 Forgeworld drop pods, 3 vindi's, 2 x landspeeders, 30-40 tac marines, various heroes; Helbrecht, Emp champ, terminator chaplain. Lots of very neat models. All well painted, very good tabletop quality and the majority on resin bases.

Packaged in the large Battlefoam case, this is a top quality, great looking army, but we all know the rules haven't been kind to this particular Chapter and the time has come for me to hold up my hands and let these guys go.

Orks - yikes! A LOT of troops, couple of really battledamaged wagons, couple of FW items, Mega dread, half trakk. I'm really please with the stormboyz, these are on resin bases, mainly because they look great and add some heft to the plastic, they also add 3-5mm in height but what the hell they just look so cool.

Grey knights. Not much a dreadknight that didn't sell last time, and a squad of termies (paladins I think)

Various Forge World bits and pieces; Characters, Buzzgob, Templar termies with those fab shields, BT doors for rhinos that sort of thing. Transfer sets for Carcharodons, and Templars.

Rulebooks and such will probably go up separately, a raft of Imp Armour books and the last Painting guide.

So I'd really appreciate any feedback, or even better if you're in the market for Marines (preferably BT) or bad moon orks let me know and I'll see if we can't come to some mutually beneficial arrangement. If there's enough interest, I'll get decent photos on here next week.

That's not my templar image, grabbed from very nice though!

cc out.


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