Gotta love GW

No really, I was lucky enough to receive the beginnings of a Dark Eldar army from relatives, however, after reading the codex, and checking out the forums, they really don't suit my playing style (see previous post), so I asked the local store if I can swap these around.

So long as they are unopened and sellable, no worries, so I've ditched the warriors, wyches and ravager and picked up 3 drop pods for the Templars. Sweet. Next week I'll be using those instead of Coke cans*

*other beverages are also available

carcharodon carcharias out


  1. Yeah, the Games Workshops are generally pretty good about that kind of stuff. So long as your happy and buying more, then its all good.

  2. Only downside was I had 2 other boxes; warriors and wyches and a receipt was required (which I never got as they were a gift) as I had opened these to check out the goodies! Hey ho, I've a chap at work who's interested in taking these off my hands.


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