EPIC fail - lol

Played my 3rd game last night, same opponent, same army list, and to quote Mr Henry Ford; "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." I play aggressively (not me personally, I don't growl or get all up in your face), regardless of the mission, the opponent, the time of day etc, etc.

Last night for example,  5 x Templars, 1 with a melta gun, jump out of a drop pod in front of a completely unscathed ork horde, needless to say with an average 30 dice coming my way (per unit) they didn't last long. Rinse and repeat with 3 other identical units. 2 of my 3 dreadnoughts fared better, one taking out a trukk and the other holding down a unit of ork nobz bikerz. At the end of turn 3 (took us 2 hilarious hours to get that far), we called it quits as he had 5 kill points to my 1, and I had yet to get the last dreadnought in pod on the table along with 2 other Crusader squads in their pods.

Our post game chat led me to the above epiphany, and I'm really looking forward to playing my DEFENSIVE drop pod army in a less attacking format next week. Yes, I know the clue is in the title blah, blah, blah. A big thanks to Marshal Laeroth over at http://www.implausiblenature.net for his ever useful advice and the army list itself - well worth checking out.

From the Carcharodons point of view, another week goes by with little progress on Contemptor 2, but let's see what the weekend throws at me, and I'll take some WIP pics on Sunday night.

Until then, brushes wet, dice rolls high
carcharodon carcharias out