Daemon Day

A huge thank you to all who helped make Daemon day such an amazing day, attendees from Jersey, Norway and Estonia made my 50 mile trip seem like a walk in the park.

The event was well attended, I have to admit I was quite insular and spent more time on my own min, and what I wanted to learn rather than look around and see what everyone else was up to.

When I did rear my ugly head, there were some amazing pieces, a lot being worked on for the upcoming Games Day, and the ones brought in by the 'teachers' were mind blowingly good. Actually getting to pick up and see the detail on Ali McVey's and Tommie Soule's work in particular was inspiring rather than intimidating, which was the first of many revelations on the day.

There was no structure to the day, you brought in what you were working on and they helped you with a particular technique, this worked really well, and I think that everyone got the one-to-one attention they wanted.

Lunch was part of the package, plenty of it, and again the guys and Ali mingled throughout just happily chatting about mins and painting, a very relaxed, informal environment, and the bar was an added bonus.

The shop was very well stocked; GW, Dust tactics, Warmachine, Avatars of War, Infinity, Micro Arts Studio, Army Painter just a few I can remember, all with a 10% discount - nice one!

As you can see from the photos, I wanted to improve my rusting techniques (I also have Orks) and I figure this guy has been around for a 1000 years and is bound to be a little busted up. The pale underbelly was Tommies suggestion to underscore the shark theme, and the blue eyes were to provide focus, as I'd keep them black. I reckon I've got another day on this to pull it all together and get the base detailed, the knocked back and snowed up. All my mins have snow on them, no exceptions - I don't know why?

So will I be going back to Daemon Day next year? Hell, I'd go back every week, the team were so giving and care so much about painting these little bits of plastic, metal and resin, and when they show you a technique it just "clicks".

Tommie is a real character (ok they all are) but he's sooo enthusiastic and creative and knowledgeable, a real character too, very engaging, he really wants to learn and understand how it all works. Dave is the same, very rock 'n' roll kinda guy, 4 Golden Daemons and 10 finalist pins, he rocks. Mike is very laid back, and he has an endless knowledge on mins and painting, whatever the question he has the answer, and his first tutorial on wet blending set the tone for the day. Wow! Ali sure can paint, she was the most hands on of all, very encouraging style, it was her that set me off on the rust/weathering so the Contemptor is dedicated to her.

What would I change about the day? Nothing. 10:00-5:00 is bang on for 5-6 hours of painting, more than I usually get. The variety of styles and personalities worked superbly, even the way Tommie uses a palette compared to Mike couldn't be more different, and I'll finish with a quote from Tommie if I may; "What happens on the palette happens on the miniature".

See you all next year (if not before)
carcharodon carcharias out