Daemon Day - the night before

Well here he is in flat colours; grey and black. I finished literally chucking paint and transfers on the only Contemptor I had managed to build, and finished at 01:30 Saturday am, just time to grab a few hours sleep before the simple 50 mile journey to Mansfield!

The heavy gloss is only on the areas that took the transfers (excellent quality from Forgeworld), the battle damage is cruder than I would normally allow, particularly as the other attendees would be bringing WIP of their Golden daemon projects.

The base was hardly touched as I figured better to work on the dread first. In between waiting for coats to dry (how amateur am I!) I started on the plethora of metal pieces, I'll keep this low key as I want the focus on the dread not the floor.

Next post will be all about the Daemon Day, and photos of where's he's now at in the painting stages, after my day down there.

Also got as far as cleaning up Tyberos and the other Contemptor, Hunger and Slake are both a bit off so will require the warm water and re-set technique before undercoating.

'Til then, carcharodon carcharias out